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MOLST in Massachusetts

MOLST is a standardized medical order form for use by clinicians caring for patients with serious advancing illnesses.

If you receive a patient's MOLST

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MOLST in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, MOLST is led by the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, part of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services. 

The many tools and resources on this website will continue to be accessible to health care institutions and individuals who are implementing MOLST or who would like to have information about MOLST. 

IMPORTANT:  After over a decade of using the MOLST Form, the Commonwealth will soon be joining dozens of other states using the POLST (portable medical order) form instead of MOLST.

In 2024-2025,  Massachusetts will implement an electronic registry (ePOLST), and a call center, and provide local training and program implementation materials as part of the POLST Program. Click here to learn more.


Answers for EVERYONE to Frequently Asked Questions about Massachusetts Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (MOLST).