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MOLST in Massachusetts

MOLST is a standardized medical order form for use by clinicians caring for patients with serious advancing illnesses.

If you receive a patient's MOLST

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MOLST in Massachusetts


Effective July 1, 2014 the MOLST Project will transition to the MA Department of Public Health. 

The many tools and resources on this website will continue to be accessible to health care institutions and individuals who are implementing MOLST or who would like to have information about MOLST.  Please explore the contents of this website thoroughly, especially the Frequently Asked Questions, for specific information you may need – they will provide you with a better understanding of MOLST and how it can be implemented in the health care setting.  It’s likely that any question you have has already been answered.

To access the MA Expert Panel on End of Life Report: 2014 Update please click here.

Regional Contacts

Make contact with health care professionals who have begun using MOLST in your region. 

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Answers for EVERYONE to Frequently Asked Questions about Massachusetts Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (MOLST).



MOLST Stories

Click below to watch this acclaimed video of patients, families, clergy and health providers sharing thoughts and stories about MOLST.