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Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants

Important clinician information about MOLST

  • MOLST is a standardized medical order form suitable for use with patients of any age with serious advancing illnesses. 
  • The MOLST form is not suitable for use with all seniors/elders.
  • It is not advisable to provide blank MOLST forms to patients or families.  
  • Filling out MOLST is one possible outcome of clinical discussions with patients about life-sustaining treatment decisions.
  • The clinician's signature on MOLST confirms that the form accurately reflects the clinician's discussion(s) with the patient.
  • The goal is to offer MOLST as an option for suitable patients of any age with a serious advancing illness, including:

Life-threatening illness or injury
Chronic progressive disease
Medical frailty
Any patient with whom you would discuss DNR orders

  • The choice to use the MOLST form must be voluntary. 
  • Click here for the Clinician Checkist for MOLST use with patients.